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Looking to freshen up your home or business?

We provide high quality pressure washing and painting for residential and commercial buildings. Update the pallet or add a faux finish to your interior. Brighten and modernize your exterior. Our licensed professionals are available for a full range of services.

Cota Painting Services has been serving the greater Boston and Metro West areas for over 17 years. Using the finest materials and skilled professionals, we have an unmatched reputation for quality and service.

Our Services

Interior Residential Painting

A good paint job is what every property needs in order to maintain that fresh and classy look. Whether you are remodeling or preparing to sell, a good interior painting job is what you need to add value to your property. Our teams take on the project and complete the job with very little disruption.


We handle interior paint jobs for:



Living Rooms

Dining Rooms





Doors and Windows


Before starting to paint, our crew of professional painters will do a walkthrough to assess the project and get your home ready for painting by covering your floors, moving and covering your furniture, filling holes or cracks in the walls, removing wallpaper, and window caulking.

You want your home to look fresh and modern. Whether you are remodeling or preparing to sell, we will complete your project with little disruption and mess. Trust our company for convenience and quality.

Exterior Residential Painting

A new coat of paint can make your property stand out from the rest of the properties that surround it. Not only does a color skim improve a property but with the right finish, a paint job can protect a property home from the elements for years to come. Since your property’s exterior is the first impression on everyone who walks by or enters the door. Why not make it a good one? We can help you make that impression by providing you with an excellent exterior paint service.


We have an excellent team made up of qualified paint technicians and designers who are all ready to take on the all important job of ensuring your property get the loo it deserves. Our exterior painting services include:

Decks & fences

Pressure washing

Exterior solid stains

Paint primers

Before our painters begin working, we ensure that the work area is prepared for painting and the surroundings of your property are protected by:

Covering plants, trees, and decks,

Removing mildew and mold,

Filling holes or cracks in the walls,

Power wash surfaces in preparation for painting

Since choosing the right colors can be one of the hardest parts of any paint job, we have a team of designers in place ready to sit down and consult with you about which colors will work best for your property.

Commercial Painting

Commercial real estate and related properties need to be maintained really well if they are to keep their value and part of that maintenance includes a professional paint job.

We can help you bring and maintain value on your commercial property. We have great experience working with real estate projects, in particular Condominiums.


We have a special unit of painters that specializes in painting condominiums. We are aware that for a real estate business to work and flourish, the properties in question need to attract the attention of anyone who passes by.

That is why we focus on pulling off an incredible commercial exterior painting job that is complemented an equally good interior. We will Bring your business back to life with a professional paint job.


As a business owner, you have the responsibility of choosing the right painting company for your commercial property. Our promise is that if you hire us for the job, you will have a peace of mind knowing that the job will be handled with the highest professionalism and completed on the agreed upon schedule.

What our clients say

Marty Watkins-Colson - Marlborough, MA
March 06, 2019

Fabulous company! I highly recommend Fabulous company who does on-time great work!! I highly recommend Sebastian & his staff!

Elaine Rhatigan - Hudson, MA
March 03, 2019

Does it all Sebastian is great painter, his attention to detail is second to none. He has painted my home, my Mom’s and my sister’s. He listens to you, which is refreshing ????


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