Let us show you the difference we make to your property - exceptional cleanliness, unmatched quality and guaranteed satisfaction.


From sidewalk to facade, patio to entryway, Power Washing from Cota Painting Services is the ultimate solution for restoring the appearance of your exterior surfaces. Our meticulous and efficient approach eliminates embedded dirt, algae and stains, leaving everything clean and fresh. Count on us to revitalize the appearance of your property and impress your visitors from the first glance.

At Cota Painting Services, we understand the importance of protecting your property from the elements. With our Power Washing service, we not only remove dirt and stains, but we also preserve the integrity of your surfaces, extending their useful life. Trust our team to keep your home or business looking pristine while providing an added layer of protection against future damage.


Deep Cleansing, Lasting Impact


Power Washing

Accumulated dirt not only affects aesthetics, but can also damage surfaces over time. With Power Washing from Cota Painting Services, you not only get a deep clean, but you also protect your investment. Our safe and effective methods remove even the most stubborn dirt, ensuring a lasting impact and preserving the integrity of your surfaces.